Your wedding deserves to be documented EMOTIONALLY and felt emotionally through images.

I have a special place in MY heart for intimate celebrations.

Your wedding is one of the most intimate and life changing moments in your life. From the first makeup brush that strokes your cheek on the morning of that special day, all the way down to the last kiss before you sail off into your new adventure. Every moment is so special and worth being captured. Giving this responsibility to a photographer is a very BIG deal. And I with EVERY ounce in me plan to capture every single moment of that day for you. But just not capture the moment - I plan to capture the feeling, The tears, hugs, laughs, and that amazing look on your love ones faces when they see you for the very first time. I will be there fluffing that dress and telling you how AMAZING you look, and most importantly capturing your story, so you can one day share it with your love ones.

I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4


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Make sure you capture it entirely

The day - It's going to fly by

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable, joyful, exciting, nerve-wracking, sweet, love-filled days of your life. While you’re in the midst of the many emotions a wedding day can bring, it’s my job to capture all the precious little moments you might miss. The hidden tears your dad wipes away before anyone sees, the smile on your grooms face when he sees you walking down that isle, the children playing on the lawn, your guests’ faces when they see your ceremony site for the first time. All the beautiful decor all setup and untouched and ready for your grand debut as husband and wife. EVER. SINGLE, THING .


You can invest all the money you want into having a beautiful breathtaking wedding but if you don't have the right person there to photograph it, how will it be remembered and shown for its true beauty?