There are three things we tell clients about styling: photo sessions are an event and should be dressed as such, compliment (don't match) each other, and have fun with it! In the past we would hear clients say, "We just want to be casual, we are simple when it comes to style" etc. and we totally understand that sentiment and we want clients to feel comfortable, but you can look and feel comfortable while rocking a flattering maxi dress, striped button up and cotton henley tee. Clients get invited to weddings and dress the part because it is a nice event - photo sessions need to be looked at in the same regard. It is a special day and outfits, no matter what the style, are a big part of that. If a client's style is a little on the vintage side then, great! Let's roll with that vibe and make the entire family ensemble next-level retro! It's all about having fun with the outfits and accessories.

turn up the texture


Add interest, personality with texture. Whether it’s a nubby sweater, a tweedy scarf or a fur vest, varying textures adds dimension and visual interest. Use texture in unexpected ways. A tulle skirt, a gleaming metallic shoe, or a denim jacket paired with a lace top or dress will add an element of surprise to the images. Mix patterns to create texture. The most foolproof way to do this is to contrast pattern size (i.e., a small pattern with an oversized one) while keeping the colors similar. If you choose to work with a stripe or a plaid, it’s most effective when used in small doses. Avoid both wavy designs and really tiny prints. Add texture through color. Pile on the rich jewel-tones for a glamorous look, working these colors in small ways into the whole family’s look. Or use varying shades of a particular hue to create a soft but interesting color palette.

You can’t go wrong with neutrals. Such as grays, tans, and creams. They are in virtually every closet, easy to shop for, and look great on everyone. Neutrals are simple to coordinate, but the key is to encourage a variety of layers and textures to keep outfits from looking too similar or bland. Mix shirt styles, shorts and long pants, dresses and skirts in different fabrics. Add simple accessories to pull the look together. I also recommend textures that will give photos interest such as lace, corduroy, and denim.”

"When you feel you are the best version of yourself, you’ll glow on camera."

Is it comfy? Nobody wants to spend an hour or two dressed in something that pinches, chafes, or itches, especially children and dads, who won’t hesitate to make their displeasure known. I wearing your photo shoot outfit around the house for at least 10 minutes to try it out if you haven’t worn it before, shoes included! do you feel beautiful? When you feel like you look super, your outfit is flattering, and you are the best version of yourself, you’ll have a natural glow for the camera. If you think you've found the perfect outfit that looked gorgeous on the rack, but not so much on your own body, it’s ok to ditch it and go with your proven outfits. Every person should wear clothing that is an honest reflection of his or her style and stage in life.